7 Reasons to Move Your Practice’s IT Support to Kinetix

Supporting Healthcare Practices is our History and our Specialty

Our very first clients when what became Kinetix began in 1991 were healthcare practices. We have built upon that base since then and it has become our specialty. We are an associate members of the Michigan MGMA. Our focus is on knowing the needs of healthcare practices inside and out so we can provide industry-leading support.

Response Time You Will Appreciate

We know when your computer or phone systems are not working properly or you had a power outage or your internet or server is down, you need somebody working on it NOW. For redundancy, we staff our help desk personnel between our two Michigan offices to always have a live person ready for your call. Email and voice messages also automatically create service tickets that are responded to in 15 minutes or less.


We understand HIPAA compliance is the last thing a practice manager wants to spend their time on. We maintain our own annual HIPAA Compliance Certification and have assisted with more Security Risk Analysis reports than we can count for our healthcare practice clients. Beyond the annual reports though, we provide technical tools and training to help you stay compliant and your data safe and secure as rules and technology change.

Our Word is our Bond

No bologna. We believe in the truth and when you speak to us, even if the facts are not in our favor, you will be hearing the facts. That is a fact.

No Email Portals

We know how frustrating it is to send encrypted emails containing PHI and to have delays caused by the recipients not receiving the emails because they never visited the portal they were directed to or don’t understand how to access the email in the portal. Without proper email delivery, appointments, follow-ups, referrals, and surgeries may not get scheduled properly, or at all. We set up your system in such a way that 99.9% of all emails containing PHI are delivered directly to the Inbox, and still encrypted. You know longer will need to waste time following up on emails you haven’t received responses to because of antiquated email portals.

Staff Experience

Our staff is not new to the game. Our technicians and engineers have an average tenure with Kinetix of over 12 years which gives them the needed experience to know and serve our providers and their practice’s technical needs. We know enough to understand the little fixes that can make a big difference in improving processes and making life easier for your staff. With our almost non-existent employee turnover, you will get to know a variety of familiar faces and have comfort knowing that they are familiar with your issues.

Earning and Keeping Your Trust

We don’t believe in long-term contracts and never have. Almost all of our agreements are month-to-month. We believe in earning your trust with excellent service and keeping it every day. This is evidenced in the fact that the average amount of time we have serviced our existing healthcare practices is over 10 years, earning the providers and practice managers trust month after month. It’s far too common in the industry to have multi-year contracts signed and service that is not up to par once the contract is active. That is not a worry with Kinetix. We are willing to prove our value and want to keep your trust every month. Our record with our existing client practices supports this.