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If you are an independent healthcare practice in the Metro Detroit, Grand Rapids, or the surrounding areas and want to turn technology into a resource that can move your practice forward instead of being a problem that costs you time, money, and stress, then we can help!


We understand HIPAA compliance. We maintain our own annual HIPAA Compliance Certification and have assisted with more Security Risk Analysis reports than we can count for our healthcare practice clients. Beyond the annual reports though, we provide technical tools and training to help you stay compliant and your data safe and secure as rules and technology change.

Supporting Healthcare Practices is our History and one of our Specialties

Supporting Healthcare Practices is our History and one of our Specialties. Our very first clients in 1991 were healthcare practices. We have built upon that base and the healthcare field has become one of our areas of expertise. We are associate members of the Michigan MGMA and our focus is on knowing the needs of healthcare practices inside and out so we can provide industry-leading support.

We typically support independent clinics or practices from 2 to 20 providers that rely on their computers, servers, local network, VoIP telephones, and Internet for their daily operation and to provide patient care and store protected health information. These providers typically utilize their technology for their practice management/EMR/EHR system as well as email, scheduling, billing, Microsoft Office/Google applications and remote access. Our existing client practices span over a wide variety of healthcare specialties and the vendors and business associates who support the healthcare industry.

Add our technology experts when you need:

  • Assurance of HIPAA Compliance - You want to be sure you are protected from HIPAA liabilities and know you have acted responsibly to protect private data.
  • Reassurance Protection - You need to be certain your practice data is always backed up and tested, both onsite and offsite.
  • Ultimate Cyber Protection - You need to know your network and data are secure and protected from hackers.
  • Remote Personnel Security - You'd like to enable your employees to access your systems to be able to securely work remotely.
  • Updated Technology - You need better reliability and security for your computer network.
  • Maximum Coverage - You want cyber protection 365/24/7.
  • Peace of Mind - You want to focus on patient care, not technology.

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  •  The IT Security Crisis For Michigan Medical Practices

    The IT Security Crisis For Michigan Medical Practices

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Compliance Consulting

With strict HIPAA and other compliance regulations, it is imperative for healthcare practices to work with a team of compliance consulting experts that will ensure that the operation remains compliant. At kinetix, we maintain our own annual HIPAA Compliance Certification and have assisted with more Security Risk Analysis reports than we can count for our healthcare practice clients. We know HIPAA!

Cybersecurity Assessments

For the healthcare industry especially, the primary objective should be preventing any kind of breach of private patient medical information. A Cybersecurity assessment will help ensure that the threat of cyber breaches will be identified and remediated to protect your business and your patient’s information. Once we determine how your medical office is at risk, we can recommend solutions to safeguard your business.

Office 365 Migrations and Licensing

Office 365 is a cloud-based service that can assist healthcare providers in the reduction of cybersecurity threats; it also helps cut costs by eliminating redundancy, simplifying automated processes, and protecting workers. The system, which comes with the entire Microsoft Office Suite, allows you to pay-as-you-go. With the assistance of kinetix as your Office 365 partner, the migration and licensing are simple and can be set to automatically renew for your convenience.

Cloud Strategy Consulting and Migration Services

Cloud-based backup can be important to ensure the quality and security of your practice’s confidential information. The Cloud consulting and migration services offered by kinetix will allow your business to easily determine the right cloud option and complete the migration without headache or hassle. Let us do the hard work!

Managed Cybersecurity

A strong cybersecurity plan is required in order to protect private health information required under HIPAA and that begins with education. A thorough assessment from the kinetix team will provide recommendations for improvement and implement a more profitable approach for your business.

Complete Managed Services

Complete managed Healthcare IT services allow healthcare practices to have an optimally functioning IT system. Kinetix offers Managed IT Services that will remove all IT-related stressors from your business so you can focus on what is important--patient care.

Vulnerability Testing

With regular vulnerability testing, healthcare practices can determine risks and opportunities for improvement in their medical office’s network. This service, through the certified professionals at kinetix, can prevent attacks before they occur and help optimize your bottom line.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing from kinetix can identify holes in your network before they are exploited by cyber criminals. We use advanced techniques to ensure that your data is safe from a disastrous cyberattack.

Disaster Recovery

Kinetix understands that during a medical emergency, healthcare providers cannot wait for computer issues to subside and for IT systems to get back to normal operation. Disaster recovery and business continuity services help minimize downtime, so business can continue as usual.

You may be thinking, “how do I know exactly what IT services I need”? We understand that there is no “one-size-fits- all” approach. Every business requires a unique and individual assessment to determine the solutions necessary to make your operation run safely, efficiently, and profitably. That is why we offer a no obligation, no hassle Risk Assessment Discovery Consultation to learn more about your organization and craft only the needs that fit you. This 15-minute phone conference is completely free! It is our way of helping businesses profit through IT!

Find out exactly what your business needs with an up front, honest, and an informational assessment from kinetix. If you decide that we are not a good fit for you, then we will shake hands and walk away as friends. Book your appointment today!

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They can fix any IT problem!

With our large infrastructure setup, we have diverse technological needs that span across servers, workstations, wireless, VoIP, and our practice management system. Kinetix manages all aspects of our technology and with the multitude of skill sets on their team, assigns or escalates problems to the proper engineer to fix the problem quickly. We appreciate their proactive monitoring and the contingency plans they have implemented. They keep our systems current and our data safe.

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