When you need managed services in Metro Detroit, West Michigan, Canton, and surrounding areas of Michigan to maintain peak operation in the IT network for your business, consider us here at Kinetix. KinetixManage is our pro-active, preventative care service we utilize to monitor and make sure your business avoids serious disasters and ensures continuity of service. Our idea is to fix any issues before they become IT “diseases”.

Our KinetixManage service is a monthly flat-price agreement where we will consult with you to determine the appropriate IT services for your business. Our IT help desk is fully staffed in both of our Michigan offices to help you with all first-tier IT issues and help desk calls are included in the plan at no additional cost. Your staff can contact us without worries about being billed every time you call us…. we are not interested in “nickel-and-diming” you. Our goal is to allow all our engineers, technicians and help desk staff to understand your network setup, the programs that you run, and other items specific to your business and we can do that best by being involved in all your IT support requests. Our intention is to allow you to accurately budget for the PROPER services your company needs to run safely and efficiently and have a regular evaluation of those services and costs. We truly wish to be a partner involved in the success of your business!

When you sign up with our KinetixManage Managed IT Services plan, here are some examples of baseline benefits that we provide:

  • Tailored Packages – We know that every business’s needs are completely different from the next, so we offer 100% custom packages for any business size or budget.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) – We offer many different BDR options to protect you in the case of a natural disaster, hardware failure, or human mistake. Your HIPAA covered entity will also always be protected from a compliance perspective with our solutions.
  • Remote Monitoring – Never stress again about network failures, as our managed services include round-the-clock monitoring of your computers and network to help prevent problems before they happen. Patches and updates are automatically applied after hours, and our alerting system allows us to engage immediately on any issues that may come up. If issues arise during business hours, we are there to directly connect to your device to help diagnose and fix your issue on the spot.
  • Help Desk Support – Our support lines are answered live by local Kinetix employees familiar with your technology and network setup. We intentionally attempt to overstaff our help desk to try to make sure all support calls get to a live technician but if you are forced to leave a message, a service ticket is automatically opened with a transcription of your voice message and a help desk technician will contact you or begin work on your ticket within our 15 Minute Guarantee.
  • Endpoint Detection and Response– We offer managed enterprise-grade next-generation malware protection for all your computer devices. You are protected not only by means of virus definitions but also through an Artificial Intelligence engine that monitors behaviors on your computer and stops bad behaviors and ransomware events dead in their tracks before they begin.
  • Secure Managed Firewall – Our managed firewall protects you from intruders and from internal employees who may be tricked into “clicking” on a link or attachment containing malware and putting your network at risk. For remote workers, it provides a safe and compliant VPN connection to your network.
  • Cloud Solutions – There are many solutions the cloud provides to help your business become more efficient and meet compliancy requirements. To meet basic HIPAA requirements, we offer in our standard baseline plans a cloud backup service for your emails and local servers as well as secure email solutions including Malware, AntiSPAM and Email Encryption gateway services.

We would like to speak with you to help provide a customizable and comprehensive IT Plan for your business. Use the calendar below to schedule a FREE initial consultation!